Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ferndale welcomes Michigan's first cat café

The reason I chose to study journalism is that I believe everyone has a story to tell. Journalism allows me to reach out to people, get to know them and share their feelings, experiences and knowledge with the rest of the world.

Being in Detroit inspired me to seriously pursue my love of photography, videography and film. I not only want to bring depth and care to a person's words, but also document and showcase his or her story with pictures and video.

I hadn't made much progress on choosing a topic halfway through the semester. I knew I'd be on a time crunch in December to shoot and edit this project in addition to the two other final video projects I was assigned in other classes.

Seemingly out of thin air, I felt compelled to browse the websites of the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News for any ideas or leads. Eureka! The Detroit News completed a small profile of a newly opened Catfé in Ferndale, Michigan: the first of its kind.

That weekend, I drove to the Catfé to size up the possibility of this place as my subject. I was greeted with warm welcomes by Deanne Iovan, the director of The Catfé Lounge, and she swiftly agreed to be the focus of my photo story.

This experience definitely brought me out of my shell. It was up to me (and me alone) to establish a rapport with this business, get the pictures I needed and produce a final video that both the lounge and I would be proud of.

Since I worked (and hung out) at the Catfé for a few weekends in a row, I also began to speak with the directors of the Ferndale Cat Shelter. One of the directors admired the pictures I had taken that day, and she asked me to assist them with videos for the shelter in the future.

So, in conclusion, you never know what a final project may bring. Whether it's stress, experience, opportunity or a room full of cats, following a career that brings you joy will always be worth the work.

Thank you to Lori King and my COM 2280 class for making this semester one to remember!

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