Thursday, November 19, 2015

How does one capture someone's essence in a single photograph?

    For this assignment, I worked with WDET to take portraits that will accompany a story about minority-owned businesses. I had to contact the business owners myself and arrange a time to take their portraits. Being a student and working over 30 hours each week doesn't leave a lot of room in my schedule to photograph during the day.  

Ayanna Williams
    These owners gave me quite the runaround, so I was thankful my contacts at WDET were understanding and willing to rethink some of their photo requests. On top of not receiving any word back from these owners (especially after attempting to contact them multiple times over multiple days), I felt discouraged and worried I would fail my first real task of real-world photojournalism. But here I am. I got my picture, and my world didn't go up in flaming failure.  

    The only person to actually call me back was Ayanna Williams, the owner of Pedicures and Shoes 2 Go. She was bright, bubbly, and really fun to photograph.  I started by taking Williams to a glorious wall of shoes. Although I successful kept myself out of the mirror on the wall, the picture didn't turn out quite as nicely as I hoped. Next, Williams tried a few different poses sitting by her manicure and pedicure stations and against a red wall with black accent decals. The lighting was better here, but I still wasn't satisfied. Finally, Williams sat on the black leather waiting area chairs and posed with some of her polishes and merchandise. Voila! The lighting hit her smile perfectly, and the shot portrayed her personality and profession!

Ayanna Williams, co-owner of Pedicure and Shoes 2 Go, turned her love of nails and shoes into a business, which is set to open Dec. 1. Williams said she chose to open the pilot store in Detroit because "the city is coming back."

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